Wonderful Sleepover Parties

Create Magical Moments and Enchanting Memories for your child’s next sleepover slumber party. We help all the super-mums and super-dads out there organize super fun, themed and entertaining sleepover parties for boys AND girls. From decorations and activities, to fully packed experience packages. We make sure that the children enjoy the best evening and wake up with smiles from cheek to cheek!

Teepee Tents

Beautifully customized tepee tents with themed decorations and immersive lighting and colors. Throw out those sleeping bags, we bring you tepee tents that bring sweet dreams and happy giggles.

Special Activities

Having a slumber party means having a chance to build friendships, memories and life-long bonds. With engaging activities and the most exciting games, we make sure that there are no yawns till it’s time to sleep!

Creative & Fun

Nothing beats the joy of cultivating and supporting children’s imagination and creativity! Stop looking for the same old boring games and activities that are no longer fun for anyone. We’ll bring glitter to light up the night.

We welcome you to our creative sleepover parties

Craving an Adventure? How about taking your kids to a dream castle without even leaving the room? We help you create adventures and experiences that transcend the commonalities of a sleepover and transform the slumber party into a trip to the most amazing adventures and the most engaging events

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Hosting Amazing Sleepovers

Explorers, Fairies, Astronauts, Dragons, Unicorns and Superheroes! Let your children express themselves in the most unique ways possible, by giving them a playground for their imaginations, and a safe space for their enjoyment. We have revamped the idea of the traditional sleepover and created a service that creates loving memories, lasting experiences and hours of fun for kids!

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Provide a unique Sleepover experience to children

Childhood is a magical time of life filled with curiosity, wonder and excitement. We bring you the services that enable you to celebrate their childhood and bring them happiness and love with unique sleepover parties.

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We will donate a part to organizations who help kids

We take extra steps to ensure that children get the best we can offer. That is why, we donate a part of our earnings to a non-profit organization working for the betterment of children around the world.

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